Myanmar's first humanoid robot, Ins...

Myanmar's first humanoid robot, Insein GTI, 7 years earlier than the Honda oo7 robot, will be displayed at the school.

Myanmar's first humanoid robot, Insein GTI, 7 years earlier than the Honda oo7 robot, will be displayed at the school.

09-02-2022 ShweFile Admin

Insein GTI Student Union Information Officer Ko Hein Nyiyi said that Myanmar's first humanoid robot, which was developed seven years earlier than the oo7 Honda robot developed by Japan, will be renovated and displayed on the Insein GTI campus.

Koh Hein Nyyi said that the robot was taken care of by Insein GTI alumni for more than 30 years and handed over to the student union to display at Insein GTI School. In 1986, Insein GTI coach Ng Kyi built the robot with the help of students to serve as a car wash and sales staff, he added.

"This robot was invented 7 years earlier than the oo7 Honda robot that was invented in Japan by Master Kyi Kyi. In the past, the robot could sit. He can get up and move. Now, there was no maintenance, so it has been damaged," said Ko Hein Nyi Nyi.

It took Mr. Kyi Kyi, the coach, about 6 months to build the robot, and the necessary ironware was collected from Insein Phongkan Market and Dan Oh Dan Cups. When it was finally developed and shown in some exhibitions, it caught most people's attention about the movement of the robot, said Koh Hein Nyi. The paint sprayer robot invented by Yee Kyi was the most popular.

He did not receive the encouragement and support he requested from the government regarding the spray robot, and was forced to continue further development and production. In 1988, the robot was later taken over and maintained by former students.

"Regarding the paint spraying robot, when the government presented the robot for help, they did not get any help, and they were also banned from inventing such robots again. Existing robots were not destroyed. We were able to demonstrate practical spray painting at exhibitions," said Ko Zin Moe, head of the GTI GTI Student Union.

He added that the development of these robots is a matter of pride for the country, as well as showing the public that these robots were developed in history. Kozin Moe said that the student union will not be reviving the robot, but will only make exterior adjustments and display it.

Say Kyi Kyi was born in 1934 in Tanintharyi Division. He was born in the city of Dawei by Nya Bhlaing Doama. In 1954, he graduated with a diploma in civil engineering from Insein GTI School and developed robots in 1986 as an instructor at the same school.

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